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Tigo Optimizer experiences compared to Huawei Optimizer experiences - confusing information in forums


Looking for user experiences too Solar power optimizer like that Huawei Optimizer or the Tigo Optimizer, something interesting quickly becomes apparent. As is often the case with innovations of any kind, an interesting effect can be observed within a very short time. Immediately after the market launch, various camps formed among advocates and opponents of the Solar Optimizer.

If you only take a superficial look at photovoltaic forums and the like, the impression could quickly be given that the promised increase in performance is not forthcoming and that performance optimizers PV do not offer a new opportunity for flexible shadow management Offer.

But if you look a little deeper, it quickly becomes clear: Most of the opponents who vehemently preach other alternatives like a mantra, usually have no experience with them themselves Photovoltaic optimizern like that Tigo Optimizer or the Huawei Optimizer.

There is a psychological effect behind this that could hardly be more interesting. The opponents either knowingly or out of ignorance opted for a different type of solar construction. With the appearance of the new Solar Optimizer These people often ask themselves subconsciously whether they made the right decision. They go into a sort of defensive stance to defend their own build and equipment.

Unfortunately, many people tend to be subjective and sometimes unfair in such a situation. However, if you take a closer look at the forums, you will quickly discover who the real Tigo or Huawei optimizer experiences Has. users who Power optimizer PV installed in their solar system were consistently convinced. Their systems reliably produced more electricity. The emergency stop function worked as promised by the dealer. Contrary to all the rush they offer PV optimizer actually an innovative one shadow management-Alternative to previous options.


What is behind this effect? – Bad reviews without personal experience, but why?



The reason why you face so many opponents without your own experience Solar Optimizern finds is the same as in other phenomena. You can't go against ideologies. Once a person has committed to something, be it a worldview, a decision that has been made, or the purchase of a new device, the person feels obligated to defend their choice by any means necessary.

The fear is too great that it could turn out to be a misjudgment. This own fallibility makes one insecure. Insecure people usually automatically and unconsciously adopt a kind of defensive attitude. They represent their opinion. Load them with all sorts of outrageous nonsense just to legitimize themselves. They want to convince themselves that they have made the best choice. Even clear facts and hard figures can usually not change these people's minds.

Studies in psychology explain why facts do not apply here. Information that contradicts one's own knowledge or views is processed differently by the brain. The subconscious questions the credibility of the information and underpins it with its own opinion. This immediately results in »No thanks, my opinion is correct« and the defensive attitude hardly allows for actual facts.

Especially when it comes to purchases with future planning, this psychological effect comes into play. High acquisition costs, long service life, the desire for the greatest possible benefit. Users who own their own shadow management-Defend solutions, often resort to non-verifiable counter-arguments. Don't let this influence your decision-making! Benefit from the positive effects of a solar system Power optimizer PV!


Conclusion – how should one deal with conflicting information?


Don't let yourself be unsettled. Look at all the facts and figures with an open mind. Since the launch of Solar power optimizern the internet and various forums fill up with valid experiences Huawei Optimizern and Tigo Optimizern. Hard numbers can convince!

Do research on different sites, try out different formulations when searching the Internet. In the case of negative statements, look at the style in which the poster writes. Does he defend a certain other possibility by all means? Does he become unfriendly or does he stay matter-of-fact? Is there any information to the contrary? Don't take your chance Photovoltaic line optimization don't take by misinformation!

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