More yield in the production of solar power - do PV module optimizers make sense?

Module optimizer makes sense

solar power. A perspective for the future. A lot has changed in the solar market. Many solutions offer the opportunity for even more yield and faster amortization of your PV system. But how can you optimize a system? Generate more income? What does a PV module optimizer? And are Module optimizer makes sense? In the following we want to explain exactly which mechanisms of your solar system are affected by a PV module optimizer to be influenced. And what effects this has on the effectiveness of electricity production.

Trouble spots – Shading has many negative effects


Huawei PV module optimizer

As soon as a shadow falls on the surface of your solar collectors, less electricity is produced. So far this is logical. A big problem that many are not aware of is the fact that if even a single module is shaded, it affects the entire system. Until now, it has been customary to connect the solar collectors in series. If a shadow fell on a module, this section produced less electricity. However, since the current had to flow through all modules due to the series connection, the shaded part disrupted the entire flow of energy.

You can imagine it like a garden hose that is kinked. If you now turn on the water, it goes with constant pressure to the kinked piece, but then it builds up there. The flow is blocked and what is actually possible does not arrive at the outlet. The current flow of the PV system is exactly the same. If only a single section is shaded separately, the entire system can no longer produce as much electricity as actually intended. This accumulation of energy causes the solar modules to heat up and can be damaged.

Types of shading and previous solutions


Shading of a solar system can have various causes. Dirt should be removed regularly. Until now, constantly shaded PV modules have been connected separately to the inverter. In this way, one could be sure that the unshaded modules had guaranteed an undisturbed flow of electricity. So far, it has been different with moving shadows. So far there has been no effective solution. Set right here PV module optimizer on. It is not for nothing that they are also called performance optimizers.


Why is optimal shadow management with a module optimizer useful?

 Huawei module optimizer

PV module optimizer like for example the Huawei module optimizer or the Tigo ts4 ao provide effective problem solving for optimal shadow management. PV systems, which with Photovoltaic module optimizern are equipped, can also cope with wandering shadows. They recognize fully automatically which module is being shaded and regulate the circuit in such a way that no more energy can accumulate. This prevents overheating and increases the yield by around 25%. Huawei module optimizer are therefore absolutely sensible and a good supplement for effective electricity production with the domestic solar system. They are inexpensive and pay for themselves within a very short time.

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