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Huawei Inverter

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Huawei Inverter for your PV system. - the modular solution exactly for your needs.

The excellent innovations such as the compact and light design, best efficiency and artificial intelligence of our single and three-phase Inverter Huawei bring sunshine into your home. 

Huawei is China's leading supplier of ICT solutions. The company was founded in 1987. Almost half of our employees work in research and development. No wonder, then, that Huawei relies on continuous implementation of innovation and optimization. target of Huawei inverter is to provide products that are reliable, easy to install and increase the efficiency of your Photovoltaic system (PV solution) maximize. Huawei products and services will be in over 170 countries employed.

The Huawei inverter excel in quality to a great extent competitive price out of. Previously, Huawei only had big ones Huawei Inverter , which were particularly suitable for larger installations. They have been expanding their product range since 2018.

Due to a high protection class IP65 can they Huawei inverter be used outdoors. The SUN2000 inverters Huawai have finished with excellent results from the Photon test. Photon is an international institute with a test laboratory in Aachen.

Mini Power (New Power GmbH) is one of Huawei's official distributors in Europe. We promise all our Inverter Huawei are genuine Huawei products.

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Inverter Huawei are technological marvels with a particularly long service life and top quality. High-quality technology and optimal wiring ensure that your photovoltaic system will work efficiently for decades. The products of Huawei inverter are constantly evolving and subject to rapid technological progress.

1. Special safety of Huawei inverter

  • MPP tracker with boost circuit
  • Load-break switch 1000 VDC
  • DC and AC Type II surge arresters
  • AC - Over Current Protection
  • ​DC reverse polarity protection
  • PV string error diagnosis
  • insulation monitoring
  • residual current detection

2. High applicability of Huawei inverter

  • Flexible and cost-effective string connection
  • Long service life due to preferred convection cooling
  • High yield with maximum efficiency up to 99,03%
  • Protection class IP65 for outdoor installation
  • Overload capability (up to 120%) increases economic utilization
  • Up to 10 years guarantee

3. Huawei provides installers and end users with a comprehensive platform of essential information. Huawei's customer service platform is one of the best in the world.

4. All Huawei inverters have IP65 protection, so they are well protected from wind and salt spray.
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Question & Answer

Q&A on HUAWEI SUN2000 inverters

Do these inverters come directly from the manufacturer Huawei?

Mini Power is one of Huawei's official distributors in Europe. We promise that all our products are original Huawei products.

What's in the package if I order?

Included in the delivery are:  HUAWEI SUN2000 inverter, PV connector, battery connector, AC connector, signal cable connector, bracket and WiFi FE dongle.

Does the current price of the Huawei Inverter include taxes?

This product is valid for the exemption of the UST 2023 § 12 Abs. 3 USTG for PV in Germany.
Price applies exclusively to sales to private individuals (0% VAT). For companies, an additional 19% VAT is due and added to the purchase price.
The product is subject to local tax rates in other EU countries.

What is PLC / MBUS?

PLC and MBUS is an exclusive technology that Huawei uses for communication between the inverters and the monitoring device (SmartLogger3000A03) via the AC cables. This means that in systems with PLC / MBUS, the RS485 - cable communication line does not need to be prepared, which simplifies installation.

Does the Huawei inverter carry out firmware updates by itself, or does the update have to be started manually?

The automatic firmware update can be activated via the inverter's quick settings.
Alternatively, the update can also be started manually via the FusionSolar web application.

Is there a system design tool for Huawei inverters?

Yes, the Huawei SmartDesign can be used for this.

Registration is free and can be accessed via the following link:

Which Huawei inverters is the WLAN-FE Dongle compatible with?

The WLAN-FE dongle is compatible with the following inverters:


Which Huawei inverters is the Backup Box compatible with?

Backup Box-B0
The Backup Box-B0 is compatible with SUN2000-2-6KTL-L1 series single-phase devices.

Backup Box-B1
The Backup Box-B1 is compatible with three-phase SUN2000-3-10KTL-M1 series devices.

Do I need a residual current circuit breaker/FI to install the Huawei inverters?

Yes, depending on the inverter type, an RCD/FI type A is recommended.

These are as follows:

SUN2000-3-10KTL-M1 – 100mA
SUN2000-12-20KTL-M2 – 300mA
SUN2000-30KTL-M3 – 300mA
SUN2000-36/40KTL-M1 – 500mA
SUN2000-33KTL-A – 300mA
SUN2000-36KTL - 500mA
SUN2000-60KTL-M0 – 750mA
SUN2000-215KTL-H3 – 1850mA

What third-party power meters are compatible with Huawei inverters?

Third-party power meters can only be used when using a SmartLogger.

The list of compatible power meters is in the SmartLogger user manual

How do I commission a Huawei inverter, or which devices or software (app) is required?

To commission an inverter, the FusionSolar app must be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet.
If a Smartlogger3000 is installed in the system, commissioning must be carried out using a laptop/PC via the integrated web interface.
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