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Munich Solar - solar module

Munich energy products is one of the most innovative, reliable, quality and value-oriented companies in the entire field of solar and storage and EV chargers.

Mini power sells Munich Solar (or Munich Solar ) solar panels from Munich energy products.

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What is Munich Solar?

Munich Solar (or Munich Solar ) , an innovative and quality-oriented solar panel manufacturer, offers solar panels, rooftop solar systems, small solar panels and special applications such as flexible panels, foldable panels and solar cases. Our R&D team refines our products to match performance and specification with market demand.

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In addition, offers Munich energy products since 2013 inverters, battery storage systems and complete solutions for solar systems for the EU market. Our world-renowned partners are Growatt, SofarSolar, Solis, Solax, Huawei, Solaredge, Sungrow and Pylontech.

Whether you are a retailer, installer or online shop, we are convinced that we can support your solar energy projects Munich energy products can support a wide range of products profitably.


More about Munich Solar

The manufacturing processes of Munich Solar are fully monitored to ensure the highest quality of products at all times. Quality assurance begins in our production facility long before the actual production, so that the materials used also meet the highest standards.

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Munich energy products Company

Munich Solar works according to various certification standards. The Ü series of Munich Solar shows itself well, for example, in very different weather conditions. Munich solar offers for this series 12 years Product guarantee on all materials and workmanship, making it an industry leader. get customers 25 years warranty on the energy output of the module. The modules are salt spray tested and after IEC 61701 certified. Even the power tolerance that only 0 to +3% are positive is acceptable.

Also the M series of Munich Solar or Munich solar knows how to convince, because it guarantees maximum energy per area. It is also characterized by exclusively positive performance tolerances, with a salt spray test according to IEC 61701 and a 12-year product guarantee on workmanship and all materials.

In order to avoid repairs from the outset, you should regularly have your solar system checked by Munich Solar let wait. In this way, irregularities and weak points are recognized and eliminated at an early stage. In this way you can permanently benefit from the maximum efficiency of your photovoltaic system without high costs.

You are interested in solar modules from Munich Solar? Then contact the experts at Mini Power ( We would be happy to advise you and work with you to find a solar system that perfectly suits your needs.

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