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HUAWEI SUN2000-8KTL-M1 HC Inverter

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HUAWEI SUN2000-8KTL-M1 HC Inverter

€1.269,00 EUR

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Huawei inverter SUN 2000 - M1

Item weight (including mounting brackets): 17 kg
Dimensions (including mounting brackets): 525 x 470 x 146.5 mm
Protection class: IP65


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Huawei SUN 2000 description

HUAWEI SUN2000-8KTL-M1 Inverters for Home for private PV systems - HUAWEI 8KTL 3 - more phase PV High Current(13.5A) Hybrid Inverter incl. 1x Smart Dongle WLAN-FE.

  • -- The HUAWEI SUN2000 8KTL-M1 Hybrid inverter operates solar systems with up to 12 kWp DC output and is compatible with the HUAWEI LUNA2000 energy storage compatible. The inverter can deliver up to 8 kW discharge power in 3 phases and achieves a high Efficiency of 98,0% in Europe.

  • -- The Huawei inverter SUN 2000 is suitable for grid-connected rooftop systems and smaller grid-connected PV ground-mounted systems. Typically, a grid-tied system consists of PV strings, grid-tied inverters, AC switches and power distribution units for Huawei inverter SUN 2000.

  • -- Active safety: AI assisted arc detection (AFCI)
  • -- Increased yields: Up to 30% more energy with module optimizer SUN2000-450W-P
  • -- Flex communication: WiFi, Fast Ethernet, 4G
  • -- 3-phase inverter with 8.800W performance
  • -- 2 independent MPP tracker
  • -- 1 battery connector (Plug & Play) for LUNA2000 ESS 5-15kWh
  • -- Efficiency Up to 98.6%
  • -- Communication via WLAN / Ethernet & 4G/LTE*
  • -- Free system monitoring with Huawei FusionSolar
  • -- In case of Huawei SUN2000-8KTL-M1 emergency power, ie the Huawei SUN 2000 emergency power, you should have one Huawei backup box prepare for it.
  • -- RS485 for Smart Power Sensor & LUNA2000 ESS 5-15kWh
  • -- convection cooling
  • -- Degree of protection IP65
  • -- Price: Der preis von Huawei SUN2000 8KTL M1 is currently according to the German annual tax law 0% VAT  Prices in other countries are calculated according to local tax rates.

More information about the support and the information of the Huawei inverter SUN 2000 receive here on Huawei website

Mini Power (New Power GmbH) is an official distributor of HUAWEI in Europe and is committed to the original products of the HUAWEI SUN2000 8KTL M1 Inverter series from manufacturer Huawei for sale.

SUN2000 & LUNA2000

Huawei FusionSolar PV system

Backup Box & PV Optimizer

Huawei accessories 
Huawei inverter SUN 2000 installation video

SUN2000-8KTL-M1 data sheet

For the specifications of SUN2000-5/6/10KTL-M1, please the specification PDF file .

Temp. range:
Op. relative humidity:

Protection class:

LED display
RS485, WiFi, Ethernet, Smart 4G (optional)
17 Kg
525x470x146.5 mm
1.649,00 EURO

Max. PV power:
Max.Input Voltage:
Voltage range:
starting voltage:
Rated input voltage:
Max. input current:
Number of MPP trackers:
Max. number of inputs per MPPT:

12,000 Wp
1,100 V
140 V ~ 980 V
200 V
600 V
13.5A (high current)


Voltage range:
Max. operating current:
Max. charging power:
Max. discharge power:

5kWh - 30kWh
600 V ~ 980 V
A 16
10,000 W
5,500 W

Mains connection:
Rated capacity:
Max.apparent power:
AC frequency:
Max.Output Current:

Safety standards:

8.000 W
8.800 VA
50Hz / 60Hz
A 13.5

EN/IEC 62109-1, EN/IEC 62109-2, IEC 62116

Beware of gray imports!

There are currently many solar products on the German market, especially on Ebay Huawei Fusion Solar with very good prices.

Please be careful! : Many of these products are Gray imports, e.g. B. from China market, and if there is any problem after sale, you will receive no guarantee by Huawei Europe's customer service department and go directly to Huawei's blacklist.

If you have purchased a product that falls into any of these situations, please return the product. Because products that do not comply with European standards have not just no guarantee, but also can even a security risk represent!

Are you unsure whether you have the right product? 

You can here click and use the S/N code to check whether your purchased products in Germany are covered by the Huawei guarantee. 
Link to the Huawei service is
Huawei gray import
Please check after receiving your huawei inverter and power storage product both barcodes correctly. If you are still unsure, please contact Huawei Europe to check the status of your warranty.

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Question & Answer


Do these Huawei inverters SUN 2000 come directly from the Huawei?

Mini Power is one of Huawei's official distributors in Europe. We promise that all our products are original Huawei products.

What's in the package if I order?

Included in the delivery are:  HUAWEI SUN2000-8KTL-M1 inverter, PV connector, battery connector, AC connector, signal cable connector, bracket and WiFi FE dongle.

Does the current price of the Huawei inverter SUN 2000 - M1 include taxes?

This product is valid for the exemption of the UST 2023 § 12 Abs. 3 USTG for PV in Germany.
Price applies exclusively to sales to private individuals (0% VAT). For companies, an additional 19% VAT is due and added to the purchase price.
The product is subject to local tax rates in other EU countries.

Is this Huawei SUN 2000 inverter intended for private use?

Yes. The commercial inverters cover small and medium-sized rooftop and ground-mounted projects, including SUNXNUMX-XNUMX(-XNUMX)KTL-MXNUMX, SUNXNUMX-XNUMX(-XNUMX)KTL-MXNUMX, SUNXNUMX-XNUMXKTL-A, SUNXNUMX-XNUMXKTL, and SUNXNUMX-XNUMXKTL-MXNUMX.

The corresponding products are: SUN2000L 1(-5)KTL or SUN2000-1(-5)KTL-L1 (single-phase), SUN2000L 2(-6)KTL or SUN2000-2(-6)KTL-L1 (single-phase), and SUN2000-3(-10)KTL-M0 or SUN2000-3(-10)KTL-M1 (three-phase).

Is this Huawei SUN 2000 inverter intended for commercial use?

Yes. The commercial inverters cover small and medium-sized rooftop and ground-mounted projects, including SUN2000-12(-20)KTL-M0, SUN2000-12(-20)KTL-M2, SUN2000-33KTL-A, SUN2000-36KTL, and SUN2000-60KTL-M0.

These inverters are equipped with multiple MPPTs, and PLC / MBUS communication (33KTL-A, 36KTL, and 60KTL-M0 in conjunction with Smartlogger3000A03).

What is PLC / MBUS?

PLC and MBUS is an exclusive technology that Huawei uses for communication between the inverters and the monitoring device (SmartLogger3000A03) via the AC cables. This means that in systems with PLC / MBUS, the RS485 - cable communication line does not need to be prepared, which simplifies installation.

Power of Huawei SUN2000 M1 inverters do firmware updates by themselves, or does the update have to be started manually?

The automatic firmware update can be activated via the inverter's quick settings.
Alternatively, the update can also be started manually via the FusionSolar web application.

Is there a system dimensioning tool for Huawei SUN2000 inverters?

Yes, the Huawei SmartDesign can be used for this.

Registration is free and can be accessed via the following link:

With which inverters is the WLAN-FE dongle compatible?

The WLAN-FE dongle is compatible with the following inverters:


Which inverters is the Backup Box compatible with?

Backup Box-B0
The Backup Box-B0 is compatible with SUN2000-2-6KTL-L1 series single-phase devices.

Backup Box-B1
The Backup Box-B1 is compatible with three-phase SUN2000-3-10KTL-M1 series devices.

Do I need a residual current circuit breaker/FI to install the inverters?

Yes, depending on the inverter type, an RCD/FI type A is recommended.

These are as follows:

SUN2000-3-10KTL-M1 – 100mA
SUN2000-12-20KTL-M2 – 300mA
SUN2000-30KTL-M3 – 300mA
SUN2000-36/40KTL-M1 – 500mA
SUN2000-33KTL-A – 300mA
SUN2000-36KTL - 500mA
SUN2000-60KTL-M0 – 750mA
SUN2000-215KTL-H3 – 1850mA

What third-party power meters come with Huawei SUN2000 inverters compatible?

Third-party power meters can only be used when using a SmartLogger.

The list of compatible power meters is in the SmartLogger user manual

How do I put a Huawei SUN 2000 inverter into operation, or which devices or software (app) is required for this?

To commission an inverter, the FusionSolar app must be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet.
If a Smartlogger3000 is installed in the system, commissioning must be carried out using a laptop/PC via the integrated web interface.
Didn't find an answer to your question? Send us a message here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
--Richard Moll
Inverters for Home Huawei sun 2000

Very fast delivery, device is fine. Quick response even when asked about registering with Fusion Solar. Installation is very difficult for laypeople, I called in a specialist and it now works

Inverter Huawei 8 KTL

Fast delivery, installation no problem. Very satisfied so far.

Hubert Lau
Genuine Huawei EU goods!

I checked Huawei's website and the shop actually sells EU goods.

Shipping was very fast and I would happily shop here again!