Munich Solar & Huawei LUNA Memory complete set
Munich Solar & Huawei 10KTL+ Huawei LUNA Memory complete set
Munich Solar & Huawei 10KTL+ Huawei LUNA Memory complete set
Huawei 10KTL & Huawei LUNA Memory complete set
Huawei LUNA Memory complete set
Huawei Smart Power Sensor complete set
substructure & Huawei LUNA Memory complete set
Munich Solar & Huawei LUNA Memory complete set
Munich Solar & Huawei LUNA Memory complete set
Munich Solar & Huawei LUNA Memory complete set
substructure & Huawei LUNA Memory complete set
Huawei SUN2000 10KTL
Huawei LUNA storage 10kwh
Huawei DTSU666-H & Huawei LUNA Memory complete set

Munich Solar & Huawei 10KTL+ Huawei LUNA Memory complete set

Solar Panels
Battery storage
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Munich Solar & Huawei 10KTL+ Huawei LUNA Memory complete set

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Huawei Fusionsolar complete system

300-600 EUR discount! for this AllinOne package!  HUAWEI POWER PLUS Complete Set 1 -- Huawei SUN2000 10KTL inverter with Huawei LUNA 5/10/15KWh power storage, Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-H and solar modules. offers you this cheap one Huawei LUNA Storage & SUN inverter complete system with high-quality and powerful components for a house. 


-- Munich Solar MSMDxxxM10-HJT108DSN 435W x 22 - 36 or x 0 / MSMDxxxM6-HJT120DSB 400W  x 24 - 26 or x 0

-- Huawei SUN2000 10KTL HC incl. Smart Dongle WLAN x 1

-- Huawei LUNA 5/10/15KWh x1 or x0

-- Huawei Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-H x 1

-- Installation complete set substructure for tiled roof x1 or x0

Whether island operation, grid feed-in or zero feed-in - everything is possible. Due to the higher max. DC input power, the PV system can be expanded with additional modules at a later date.

1. Munich Solar MSMDxxxM10-HJT108DSN / MSMDxxxM6-HJT120DSB 

-- Electrically compatible: Fits different inverters and optimizers

-- Half cell modules: The performance of half-cell modules increases, and the hot-spot temperature decreases due to the lower working current.

-- Class A fire-resistant materials:  Munich Solar 

-- Excellent performance in low light conditions

-- More information about You will find Munich Solar MSMDxxxM6-HJ120DSB 400W here / You can find more information about Munich Solar MSMDxxxM10-HJ108DSN 435W here 

2. Huawei SUN2000 10KTL M1 HC incl. Smart Dongle WLAN

-- Huawei SUN2000 10KTL converts the PV strings into alternating current and feeds it into the grid. A three-phase grid-tie inverter for PV strings that converts the generated DC power.

-- More information about Huawei SUN2000 10KTL see here

3. Huawei LUNA 5/10/15KWh - Huawei LUNA2000-5/10/15-S0

-- HUAWEI LUNA 2000-5/10/15-S0 offers a modular solution for your requirements. with 5/10/15kWh and the ability to expand later, the Luna battery is ideal for any change required.

--  More information about Huawei LUNA 10KWh see here

4.Huawei Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-H

-- HUAWEI Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-H is a three-phase current sensor for connection to the inverter. The operation and the reading of data are easily possible via the integrated LCD screen. The Huawei Smart Power Sensor also supports this DTSU666 H the communication via RS485 can also be read from another location.

 --  More information about Huawei Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-H see here

5. Substructure complete set for tiled roof

-- Depending on the number of solar panels and the way, we will ship more than 10% of the installation cost. They are FULL BLACK substructure specially designed according to tiled roof.

-- The components included in the complete set:

  • mounting rail
  • Interconnects mounting rail
  • Roof hook tiled roof
  • Middle clamp black
  • End clamp black
  • Screws stainless steel
  • grounding piece
  • MC4 connector

-- The solar cable that connects the solar panel to the inverter is not included in our complete set. If you need it, please ask our customer service to buy it. The price is 1 euro per meter for complete set customers.

Mini Power (New Power GmbH) is an official distributor of HUAWEI in Europe and is committed to the original products of the Huawei SUN2000 10KTL, Smart Power Sensor DTSU666 H and Huawei LUNA 5/10/15KWh from Huawei for sale.

Beware of gray imports!

There are currently many solar products on the German market, especially on Ebay Huawei Fusion Solar reported very good prices.

Please be careful! : Many of these products are Gray imports, e.g. B. from China market, and if there is any problem after sale, you will receive no guarantee by Huawei Europe's customer service department and go directly to Huawei's blacklist.

If you have purchased a product that falls into any of these situations, please return the product. Because products that do not comply with European standards have not just no guarantee, but also can even a security risk represent!

Are you unsure whether you have the right product? 

You can here click and use the S/N code to check whether your purchased products in Germany are covered by the Huawei guarantee. 
Link to the Huawei service is

Huawei gray import
Please check after receiving your huawei inverter and power storage product both barcodes correctly. If you are still unsure, please contact Huawei Europe to check the status of your warranty.

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