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Huawei battery storage

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Lithium iron phosphate battery for high Operational safety! Huawei Storage is its general perfect Solution for Your storage system. Ob grid connected or emergency power supply, privately or commercial, Huawei LUNA2000 can for its general most Applications configured .

Smart String EES with energy optimization. High-voltage battery modules for flexible expansion of PV storage Huawei. Each battery module from Huawei battery storage LUNA2000 works independently. The battery can be expanded at any time without affecting the other battery modules.

Huawei LUNA2000 can be scalable from 5 to 30 kWhThe Huawei MOON2000 Smart String Battery offering modulate Solutions, its general exactly on your needs tailored are. With 5 kWh, 10 kWh or 15 kWh and for Possibility for subsequent extension make Huawei storage LUNA2000 ideal for Your changing requirement. In Combination reported them optional PV Optimizer receive you a powerful System reported higher efficiency. 

Huawei LUNA2000 product explanation:

The product LUNA2000 - S0 consists of LUNA2000 - C0 (power module) and LUNA2000 - E0 (battery module).

  • MOON2000-5-S0 = 1x LUNA2000-5-C0 + 1x LUNA2000-5-E0
  • MOON2000-10-S0 = 1x LUNA2000-5-C0 + 2x LUNA2000-5-E0
  • MOON2000-15-S0 = 1x LUNA2000-5-C0 + 3x LUNA2000-5-E0


Huawei is China's leading supplier of ICT solutions. The company was founded in 1987. Almost half of our employees work in research and development. No wonder, then, that Huawei relies on continuous implementation of innovation and optimization. target of Huawei battery storage is to provide products that are reliable, easy to install and increase the efficiency of your Photovoltaic system maximize. Products and services from memory huawei be in over 170 countries employed.

Mini Power (New Power GmbH) is an official distributor of HUAWEI in Europe and dedicated to the sale of Huawei's original products of the Huawei LUNA2000 series committed.

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Advantages of HUAWEI LUNA2000

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1. The power storage HUAWEI LUNA2000 is modular and therefore easily expandable. A complete system consists of a power module and one or more Huawei LUNA2000 battery modules 5kWh. Each individual battery module has a storage capacity of 5 kWh and a maximum discharge capacity of 2,5 kW. 

Larger systems with a capacity of 10 kWh or 15 kWh have a discharge capacity of 5 kW. the Huawei LUNA2000 battery modules 5kWh are suitable for Huawei single-phase and three-phase inverters. Two batteries can be operated in parallel, giving a maximum storage capacity of 30 kWh per Inverters for Home provided.

Huawei LUNA2000 is exceptionally safe and reliable thanks to its lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells. Defective cells are automatically ignored so that the operation of the system is not affected.

2. Safe and Reliable
  • Modular design (5kWh)
  • Flexible planning
  • Expandable up to 30 kWh
  • Perfect compatibility
  • Can be combined with single and three-phase Huawei inverters
  • Multi-level security concept

3. Easy installation
  • Fast commissioning
  • Detection via APP
  • More energy
  • 100% depth of discharge
  • charging optimization

4. IP65 protection class for HUAWEI LUNA2000 : For indoor and outdoor installation

Power storage

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1. Energy storage is a useful addition to many photovoltaic systems for several reasons:
  • Solar energy itself consumes more
  • Independent of the electricity provider
  • make a contribution to the energy transition
  • Discharge from the public network

2. What capacity should my power storage have?

In order to plan a profitable storage solution, a storage size of 0,1 – 0,15% of the annual electricity consumption is a good rule of thumb. With an annual electricity consumption of 5000 kWh, for example, this corresponds to a storage capacity of 5 – 7,5 kWh. If the greatest possible independence from the external electricity supplier is to be achieved, the memory can also be dimensioned larger.

Whether the 5kwh HUAWEI LUNA2000-5-S0, the 10kwh MOON2000-10-S0 or the 15kwh MOON2000-15-S0, there is a choice to suit your needs and different systems.

3. Power supply at Huawei LUNA2000 power outage

The function of using stored energy even in the event of a mains power failure is called the emergency power function. The prerequisite is that the home network with PV system and energy storage device is disconnected from the public network by a switching device in the event of a Huawei power failure. 

The emergency power supply was originally designed as a single phase and only supplied selected consumers. 

Whether battery storage LUNA2000-5-s0 or LUNA2000-10-s0 or LUNA2000-15-s0 , the implementation of Huawei backup power - function requires the corresponding product - Huawei backup box.
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Question & Answer to HUAWEI LUNA2000

Q&A on HUAWEI LUNA2000 battery storage

Do these Huawei energy storage devices come directly from Huawei?

Mini Power is one of Huawei's official distributors in Europe. We promise that all our products are original Huawei products.

What's in the package if I order?

For Luna 5-S0, Included in delivery:

1x LUNA2000-5-C0 (power module)
1x LUNA2000-5-E0 (battery module)

For Luna 10-S0, Included in delivery:

1x LUNA2000-5-C0 (power module)
2x LUNA2000-10-E0 (battery module)

For Luna 15-S0, Included in delivery:

1x LUNA2000-5-C0 (power module)
3x LUNA2000-5-E0 (battery module)

With which inverters is the Huawei energy storage LUNA2000 compatible?

LUNA2000 is only compatible with Huawei inverters.

What is the usable storage capacity of the Huawei LUNA2000?

100% of the storage capacity can be used. With a 15 kWh battery system, every 15 kWh can be discharged.

How many Huawei Energy Storage LUNA2000 can I connect per inverter?

Each compatible inverter may connect to two 15kWh LUNA batteries.

This results in a total capacity of 30kWh per inverter.

What is the Blackstart button for on the Huawei LUNA2000?

The Blackstart button is irrelevant for normal operation, as the battery is automatically activated by the enable signal of the inverter. If the enable signal does not work, for example, due to a cable break, the battery can be temporarily started manually using the Blackstart button.

Is it possible the Huawei LUNA2000 to load from the AC side?

Yes, the option "charging from the AC side" can be activated in the parameter settings of the battery.

Can the remaining storage capacity of the Huawei LUNA2000 ESS to be configured?

Yes, by default 15% SOC remaining capacity is set so that a minimum amount of energy is available in backup mode.

Why is my LUNA2000 battery storage Huawei not showing anything or not starting by itself?

Please check the wiring from the inverter to the LUNA. If the battery does not start by itself, there is usually a problem with the enable signal.

Please check:

The wiring for this goes from pins 11 and 13 of the inverter to pins 3 and 2 of the LUNA.
Please note that the connection from the LUNA to the inverter must always be from the right side of the LUNA.
The communication plug of the LUNA is turned by 180° here.
Pin 1 is, therefore, located at the bottom right of the communication plug.
Also, check the communication wiring that runs from the inverter from pins 7 and 9 to pins 5 and 7 of the LUNA.
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