Huawei Backup Box B1 - Mini Power
Huawei Backup Box B1 - Mini Power
Huawei Backup Box B1 - Mini Power
Backup Box Huawei - Mini Power
Backup Box Huawei - Mini Power
Huawei Backup Box B1 Features - Mini Power

HUAWEI Backup Box B1 emergency power three-phase

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HUAWEI Backup Box-B1

Dimensions (W*H*D): 400 x 350 x 130 mm
Item weight: 11kg
Protection class: IP65


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HUAWEI Backup Box B1 emergency power three-phase

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Huawei backup box description

HUAWEI Backup Box B1 - Huawei LUNA2000 emergency power

The Huawei Backup Box-B1 for the three-phase house network ensures that even in the event of a power failure ( Huawei Luna2000 emergency power ) your consumers are supplied.

  • -- In combination with the M1 inverter series is a Huawei LUNA2000 emergency power-Operation in the event of a power failure by the Backup Box Huawei possible. The installation and operation of Backup Box Huawei for solar systems are very uncomplicated. The device easily supports communication with the inverter using a digital input.

  • -- Safe: Easy to install on site.
  • -- Smart: Automatic switching.
  • -- For 380/400V networks
  • -- Single-phase emergency power output
  • -- 3.300VA output
  • -- Compact device
  • -- Guarantee for backup box Huawei 24 months
  • -- Price: The price of Huawei Backup Box B1 is after German Annual Tax Act 0% VAT  Prices in other countries are calculated according to local tax rates.

More information about the support and the information of the Huawei Backup Box-B1 3-phase receive here on Huawei website

Mini Power (New Power GmbH) is an official distributor of HUAWEI in Europe and is committed to the original products of HUAWEI Backup Box-B1 for sale.

Select Huawei Backup Box

Backup Box Huawei Advantage 1


Automatic switching
Backup Box Huawei Advantage 2


Backup power in case of power failure

Function of the backup box Huawei

The Backup Box Huawei is used in PV systems on residential building roofs to switch the inverters to grid-connected or grid-decoupled status. Should the utility grid fail, the Huawei Backup Box switches the inverter to grid-decoupled status and supplies power in emergency mode. As soon as the power supply is working again, the Huawei Backup Box automatically switches the status again.

Here you can installation video  or watch the video below.
SUN2000 -2/3/3.68/4/4.6/5/6KTL-L1SUN2000 -3/4/5/6/8/10KTL-M1
Huawei backup box installation video

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Question & Answer - Huawei Backup Box B1

Q&A on the Huawei Backup Box B1

Do these Huawei Backup Box-B1 come directly from Huawei?

Mini Power is one of Huawei's official distributors in Europe. We promise that all our products are original Huawei products.

Does the current price of Huawei Backup Box B1 include tax?

The price of Huawei Backup Box B1 is according to German annual tax law 0% VAT

Prices in other countries are calculated according to local tax rates.

Can three-phase consumers be supplied with the Huawei Backup Box-B1 in the event of a LUNA2000 emergency power supply?

The Backupbox-B1 provides a single-phase emergency power supply.


Consumers that require a rotary field (e.g. air heat pumps) cannot be supplied.

Does a setting in the inverter have to be changed or activated after installing the Backup Box Huawei B0 / B1?

Yes, after commissioning the inverter, the "grid-isolated mode" will appear if a backup box is present. This must be activated for emergency power operation to work properly.

The setting can be found under:
Settings -> Function parameters the function "Mains decoupled mode".

Which pins of the COM connector on the inverter is the Backup Box Huawei connected to?

For SUN2000-2-6KTL-L1 inverters:
GND: Pin 5
DI: Pin 8

For SUN2000-3-10KTL-M1 inverters:

GND: Pin 16
DI: Pin 8

How long does the backup box Huawei B0/B1 switch to emergency power mode?

The backup box switches to emergency power mode in less than 3 seconds.
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1A quality, fast delivery, highly recommended. Everything's fine. Thank you

Bad sellers

Unfriendly seller claims that I still have to pay VAT. You have to pay and end the conversation. Afterwards, PayPal claimed that I had not said my name and that this had caused misunderstandings.


You didn't tell us your name when you called, we sell 4-5 backup boxes a day and our staff confused you with other customers.

Our staff mistook you for other customers and the product was delivered on time after your payment.

Best regards
Mini Power

Reliable dealer

My ordered B1 box was delivered immediately. My questions were answered promptly.
The installation will only take place in a few weeks, so I can't write much about the B1 box.
I will gladly order from again

Uwe Glaser
perfect handling

Perfect transaction and safe purchase - recommended!

Andrew Steinhof
Super fast delivery, super reliable

I am glad to have found this seller.
I ordered exactly this back-up box from another supplier 6 months ago. Unfortunately, I am always put off that this box is not available at the moment. The only fatal thing is that I have already paid (2.295 euros + sales tax). Now I will consult my lawyer......