Huawei Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-HW
Huawei Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-HW
Huawei Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-HW
Huawei Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-HW
Huawei Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-HW

HUAWEI Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-HW direct measurement 80A

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Smart power sensor HUAWEI DTSU666-HW

Dimensions (W x D x H): 100 x 72 x 80 mm
Mounting type: DIN35 rail
Weight (including cable): <0.5 kg


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HUAWEI Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-HW direct measurement 80A

€209,90 EUR

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Smart Power Sensor Huawei

Huawei smart power sensor for connection to the 3-phase Inverter -- HUAWEI Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-HW buy at Mini Power

  • -- Der Huawei Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-HW is a three-phase Sensor for Self-consumption solar power systems. With intelligent power sensors can can Solar inverters of Huawei Smart Energy Center so programmed are dass they the material moisture meter shows you the plant requirements zusätzlich for solar power generation and zero injection in and the Power grid Show.  

  • -- Smart Power Sensor HUAWEI DTSU666-HW 80A is housed in a housing of 100 x 72 x 80 mm and weighs 0,5 kg, calculated including cabling. The smart power sensor of type DTSU666-HW/YDS60-80 has 2 power input channels. Channel 1 can be connected directly to the power cable in series, ie it works without external current transformers. With this channel, the sensor can measure a maximum of 80A current. In contrast, channel 2 is designed for a larger current range. It must be used with external current transformers whose secondary current can be 1A or 5A. In a word, the layout of the PV system becomes more flexible with these 2 channels.
  • -- For sure: With commissioning assistant
  • -- Intelligent: Simple operation via LCD display
  • -- Precise: Accuracy class > 1
  • -- Guarantee for Smart power sensor Huawei DTSU666-HW : 24 months
  • -- Price: The price of Smart meter sensor Huawei DTSU666-HW is after German Annual Tax Act 0% VAT  Prices in other countries are calculated according to local tax rates.


The Installation from Smart Power Sensor Huawei is very easy. Mini Power recommends however can Installation due to an FOh, dude. befolgen you strictly can installation instructions, um bad send email now or an failure due to improper Installation zu avoid.

Mini Power (New Power GmbH) is one of Huawei's official distributors in Europe. We promise that these products Huawei Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-HW Original products are from the manufacturer Huawei.

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Total price:

Smart meter Huawei installation video

Datasheet ( HUAWEI DTSU666-HW )

For the specifications of DDSU666-HW, please the specification PDF file .

Temp. range:
Op. humidity:
Power grid type:

1.5 Kg
3P4W/3P3W (3-Phasig)


Modbus RTU
(Default 9600bps)

phase voltage:

90Vac - 499Vac
0-80A;>80A with external CTs
52Vac - 577Vac

current / power:

± 0.5%
± 1%

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Question & Answer

Q&A - Smart Power Sensor Huawei

Do these Huawei Smart Power Sensor come directly from Huawei?

Mini Power is one of Huawei's official distributors in Europe. We promise that all our products are original Huawei products.

What's in the package if I order?

For Huawei Smart Power Sensor DDSU666-HWIncluded:

3x folding current transformer (5m cable length)
RS485 (10m cable length)

Does the current price of Huawei Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-HW include tax?

The price of Smart Meter Sensor Huawei is according to UST 2023 § 12 Para. 3 USTG, 0% VAT in Germany. Prices in other countries are calculated according to local tax rates.

What is the Huawei Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-HW function?

The Smart Power Sensor DTSU666-HW was specially developed by Huawei for performance monitoring and energy measurement. 

It provides the ability to visualize real-time parameters such as single and three phase voltage and current, active and reactive power, frequency, positive energy and counter energy.

Where do I integrate the Huawei Smart Meter DDSU666-HW at home?

The Huawei Smart Power Sensor must between the counter (or post-counter fuses) and the loads be included in the house.

My Huawei Smart Meter DDSU666-HW displays incorrect values. Why?

Please check the phase association: current transformer phase 1 with voltage tap phase 1, etc.

If the phase accuracy is not given, an incorrect measured value will be determined due to the phase shift.
For more information, see the accompanying user manual.

Are the current transformers included with the Smart Power Sensor Huawei DDSU666-HW?


The folding current transformers are included as standard in the scope of delivery.
Didn't find an answer to your question? Send us a message here!

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