Huawei Luna Backup Box B1 for your perfect island solution

Huawei Luna Backup Box B1 - cover

With the Huawei Luna Backup Box B1, Huawei provides emergency power solutions for everyone

Huawei Luna Backup box B1 , Huawei Backup Box b1 3-phase Huawei is now delivering emergency power solutions!

The Federal Disaster Protection Agency (BKK for short) has been warning of the risks of a widespread power failure for some time.

The consequences of the energy crisis have also reached us. in case of a power failureNot only is Germany in the dark, the consequences would be far more far-reaching. The heaters stayed cold, refrigerators and freezers thawed, food spoiled, supply bottlenecks threatened. Even the taps would be as dry as the Sahara.

Even PV systems could in the event of a power failures give up their service because they often need energy supplied from outside for some processes. This would make them useless in the event of a power failure. But that need not be! Fortunately, there are now useful additions to your PV systems.


The Huawei backup power solution forms one Huawei Luna backup box. It is the perfect complement to your Huawei PV solar system during a power outage. Follow the recommendations of the civil protection and create your protection for Huawei emergency power 3-phase according to the BKK checklist. The current safety warnings, recommendations and checklists can be found here here on the official website of the Federal Disaster Control.

Achieve absolute independence from the power grid - Backup Box Huawei


The Huawei backup box b1 3-phase turns your home PV system into an island system, which also works in the event of a power failures keeps your PV system running. the Huawei Luna Backup box B1 communicates with your inverter via a digital input.

PV systems without Huawei Luna backup box could no longer be operated in the event of a power failure. With the Huawei Backup Box b1 3-phase your inverter can continue to produce electricity in combination with your PV system and that means, in plain language, you can continue to use all your important devices even in the event of a widespread power failure. In this way you achieve complete independence from the energy grid.

Best quality at the Huawei Luna Backup box at Mini Power




Within the Huawei Backup Box B1 quality is a top priority. Guaranteed longevity is ensured by an IP65 approval. She states that the Huawei Backup Box B1 - 3-phase  can be used by Mini Power at temperatures between minus 20° Celsius and plus 45° C. It is well protected against weather and environmental influences. In addition, the installation and commissioning of your Backup Box Huawei kept very simple and easily possible for everyone. Make yourself independent from the grid with one Huawei Luna2000 emergency power solution and enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about the power supply. in case of a power failureyou can rest easy.

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