425W MSMDxxxM10N-108BG Full Black Bifacial Solar Modules Glass-Glass x 36 (1xPalette)

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425W MSMDxxxM10N-108BG Full Black Bifacial Solar Modules Glass-Glass x 36 (1xPalette)

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Munich Solar glass-glass solar modules MSMDxxxM10N-108BG 415-440W

Weight: Kg 22
Dimensions: 1724 x 1134 x 30 mm
Protection class: IP68

Munich Solar glass-glass solar modules MSMDxxxM6-HJT120DSN/DSB 380-400W

Weight: Kg 23.5
Dimensions: 1755 x 1038 x 30 mm
Degree of protection: IP67 / IP68

Munich Solar glass-glass solar modules MSMDxxxM10-HJT108DSN 430-450W

Weight: 26/22 kg
Dimensions: 1722 x 1134 x 30 mm
Protection class: IP68

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Munich solar description

MSMDxxxM10N-108BG Full Black 425W photovoltaic module - Munich Solar Bifacial solar module glass-glass

108-cell bifacial TOPCon N Type Full black solar panel  developed by Munich energy products. OEM for Trina Solar 425W Glass Glass Bifacial Photovoltaic Module TSM-425NEG9RC.27

  • -- Industrial benchmarkModule efficiency of up to 22% thanks to advanced cell technology and manufacturing processes.
  • -- security guarantee:  Fire class A
  • -- N-type solar panels: Each Glass-glass solar module contains 3x bypass diodes
  • -- Quality Certification The products are manufactured by leading PV module manufacturer Trina Solar TSM-425NEG9RC.27that of BloombergNEF (BNEF) as Tier 1 PV module manufacturer is listed; all guarantees are provided by Munich energy products in Munich, Germany.
  • -- Excellent performance The TÜV Süd hail test successfully passed
  • -- SMBB HJT half cut technology: Unique 12BB HJT cell with half-cut design. Adaptability to harsh environments Consist of double glass, with special design cells, Excellent anti-PID performance. 
  • -- Aesthetic design: Black but transparent outfit, bifacial ,elegant for every roof surface.
  • -- Maximum durability and reliability: 15 Year product guarantee and 30 year performance guaranteeto ensure long-term high performance.
  • -- Electrically compatible: Optimized for shading so they can generate power even when partially shaded, regardless of orientation. Over time, your system will therefore deliver a higher yield. This 425W glass-glass solar panels fit various inverters and optimizers. 
  • -- Price: The price of solar panel Munich Solar is according to German annual tax law 0% VAT  Prices in other countries are calculated according to local tax rates.

Please note: The back of the product may vary in color and does not always look exactly like the product image, which is why we recommend this solar module for balcony power plants not on a balcony to install. And the solar module is about TOPCon N-Type solar module, not about HJT solar module.


This product Munch solar modules developed by Munich energy products is currently sold as a whole in a pallet, with 36 pc per pallet and a total output of 15.300 W. The price is 3.499 €.

Munich Solar Introduction - Era of HJT 3.0

Munich solar modules

Münchner Solar offers the best quality solar panels. These products from Münchensolar are currently only sold as a whole in a pallet.

Question & Answer

Q&A on Munich energy products

For which types of roofs are the Munich Solar modules suitable?

The Munich Energy Products PV modules are suitable for most roof types (flat/sunroofs, steel tile roofs, etc.). A measurement of the roof is required for the specific project in order to determine the roof structure and the load-bearing capacity. 

How long is the guarantee for Munich Solar modules? How many years of efficient power generation are generally guaranteed?

For Münchner Solar there is a product guarantee of 15 years for normal use, for modules there is a linear performance guarantee of 30 years for efficient power generation. 

Can the quality of the Munich Solar modules be guaranteed in extreme weather conditions?

The Munich Energy Products PV modules have certification of mechanical stress tests at high wind loads (3600pa) and snow loads (8000pa) possible.

Which module type is better suited for my application: monofacial or bifacial?

Monofacial modules are better suited for installations in mountainous regions and for distributed generation on roofs. Bifacial panels are slightly more expensive than monofacial panels, but can generate more power under the right conditions. 

What is Heterojunction Technology (HJT)?

Heterojunction Technology (HJT) is a method of manufacturing solar panels that has been on the rise for the last decade. It is currently the most effective process in the solar industry to increase efficiency and power output to the highest level. It even surpasses the performance of PERC, the current cutting-edge technology in the solar industry.
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