Zendure SolarFlow AB 2000
Zendure SolarFlow AB 2000
Zendure SolarFlow AB 2000
Zendure SolarFlow AB 2000
Zendure discount code
Zendure discount code
Zendure discount code

Zendure SolarFlow AB 2000 expansion battery 1920Wh add-on LiFePO4

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Munich Solar MSMDxxxM6-HJT120DSN 400W

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Hoymile's HM-600

Weight: Kg 3
Dimensions: 250 x 170 x 28 mm
Degree of protection: IP67 / IP68


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Free and fast delivery in Germany. Estimated delivery time 4 - 7 working days.

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Zendure Solar Flow Description

Zendure Solar Flow was one of the first companies to present the possibility of building balcony power plants and storage options using the Zendure SolarFlow-Connect sets. 

Attention!: This product only contains one Zendure SolarFlow AB 2000, not the complete one Zendure Solarflow set, and the Zendure SolarFlow AB 2000 alone cannot power an entire balcony energy storage system.

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-- 1x Additional battery Zendure Solarflow AB 2000
-- 1x 1,5m battery cable
-- 1x User manual + warranty certificate

Zendure Solarflow AB 2000 are in stock and Available immediately

Thanks to a storage system consisting of a Zendure SolarFlow PV Hub and at least a 960Wh AB1000 expansion battery or 1920Wh AB2000, the provision of solar energy from a mini PV system is no longer limited to one day. After being delivered to consumers, the energy produced is stored in a Zendure Solarflow AB2000 saved so it can be used at night or in areas with little sunlight. There can be four Zendure Solarflow AB2000 connected.

Um Zendure SolarFlow To use it, you need at least a solar panel and a microinverter. You can find the right system on our website here.


  • -- Zendure Solar Flow Dual MPPT PV input – 400W each per tracker
  • -- Capacity of 5760Wh (Expandable up to 7680kwh) - also compatible with the Zendure AB1000 or Zendure Solarflow AB 2000 Additional battery
  • -- Zendure Solarflow Compatible with 99% of all balcony power plants
  • -- IP65 waterproof protection
  • -- Monitoring and control via Zendure app is also possible
  • -- 10 year manufacturer's warranty
  • -- Easy integration
  • -- TÜV Rheinland certified (ID 1111272000) 


How does Zendure Solar Flow work?

During the day, the energy generated by the PV panels is sent via the PV hub to the microinverter, where it is converted into AC power to power devices in your home. Excess energy is stored intelligently in the Zendure Solarflow AB 2000 stored so that it can also be used at night. This allows you to do up to 32% Save money on your annual electricity bill.

You can also throttle with inverters up to 600W & 800W Zendure storage use the full amount of electricity generated by using the excess electricity in the Zendure Solarflow AB 2000 before you feed it into the grid at night. This means that you comply with German regulations and can make full use of all the electricity generated.


Mini Power (New Power GmbH) is an official distributor of Zendure in Germany and is committed to selling the original products Balcony power plant storage Zendure Solarflow AB 2000 by Zendure.

Balcony Power Plant_Storage_Zendure_SolarFlow_PVHub

Save annually 438 €! 

Zendure Solar Flow quality check video

Easy to install and move

Plug and play made effortless. One line for everything - connect, charge, disassemble and move in seconds with no mess or other costs. With up to 4 expandable batteries (7.680Wh), SolarFlow is the optimal energy solution for families, small business projects and more, the perfect balcony power plant with storage.

6000 charging cycles. 15 year lifespan.

3000 cycles up to 80% capacity, 6000 cycles up to 70% capacity. Say goodbye to frequent replacement and hello to a long-lasting, reliable solution that will stand the test of time.
Zendure_Solar_Flow_Complete Set

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Question & Answer

Q&A about Zendure Solarflow

What is the difference between PVHub 2000 and PVHub 1200?

The PVHub 2000 can support multiple solar panels, maximum 2400W. With 2x AB2000 batteries and 2000W solar panels, the payback period of Hub 2000 is less than 3 years.

What should a Zendure Solarflow balcony power plant with storage contain?

Solar panel + SolarFlow + micro inverter

What's in the package if I order?

Included in the delivery are:  

-- 1x Zendure Solar Flow PowerHub
-- 1x – 4x additional battery AB1000 or AB2000 (depending on selection)
 -- 1x 1,5m battery cable 
-- 1x antenna 
-- 1x 0,6m micro inverter cable 
-- 2x 3m solar cable 
-- 1x user manual + warranty certificate 
-- 0x - 1x Zendure Gift Box (for purchasing more than 2* AB1000)

What is the voltage of Zendure battery AB1000 and Zendure AB2000?


What is the capacity of Zendure SolarFlow?

An AB1000 has a capacity of 960 Wh, SolarFlow can be expanded to a maximum of 4*AB1000, a total of 3840 Wh.

An AB2000 has a capacity of 1920 Wh, SolarFlow can be expanded to a maximum of 4*AB2000, a total of 7680 Wh.

What type of Zendure SolarFlow system is?

SolarFlow and microinverters form a small grid-connected PV energy storage system designed to help users save on electricity bills. This product cannot be used during power outages.

If I'm new, how do I configure my Zendure Solar Flow balcony power storage system?

Step 1: You should check the local regulations, what is the maximum power allowed on the household socket, nowadays most are 600W or 800W.

Step 2: The recommendation is 1,1 to 1,3 times the MPPT power, 880W-1000W.

Step 3: Calculate your daily basic electricity consumption during the day.

Step 4: Calculate the battery capacity, except the basic consumption during the day, the rest is stored in the battery, estimate the battery capacity based on your local lighting time and intensity. e.g. Your basic consumption is 200W, the lighting time is 8 hours, MPPT can have two inputs ( 800W), then the battery you need is 2 kWh (0,8 kWh*5 - 0,2 kWh*8 = 2,4 kWh).

How do I assign power generation to the home network and the Zendure battery AB2000?

You can set this up for the microinverter using the Zendure app and it will automatically be saved in the AB2000 system.

Which solar panels fit Zendure Solar Flow?

The solar panels, the voltage range is 16-60 Voc and the current is max. 13A can be used.

Is it possible to adjust the output power according to the needs of the system?

You can easily adjust the power of the microinverter using the Zendure app. It is adjustable 100-1200W.

Can microinverters in this package be throttled?

No, but you can purchase Hoymiles DTU W-Lite to achieve the intelligent monitoring function and performance adjustment function of Hoymiles S-Miles Cloud.

If 2x550W (or more) modules connect to the input of the PV hub and bring full power, what happens?

The MPPT algorithm of our smart PV hub has a power limiting function to protect itself. So two 550W or more solar panels can be connected. When the sunlight is weak, the relative power generation will be little more. But for economic reasons it is not good. Because when the sunlight is strong, probably some power generation will be wasted. So our PV hub can withstand such high performance solar panel. But it is recommended to correspond to 1,1-1,3 times of MPP power. So 880W-1000W is enough.

How do you know your Zendure Solar Flow power consumption during the day?

It is recommended that you store as much as possible in the battery during the day, except for basic power consumption:

1.to calculate the consumption of the devices that you always run during the day or 24 hours a day, such as refrigerators, routers and standby devices. 

2.Just before going to bed, go to the meter box and note the current meter reading and time. As soon as you get up, write down the meter reading and the time. You can calculate your base load from consumption and elapsed time. 

3.You can use a measuring socket that you plug between the socket and the power consumer. To calculate the base load, collect the power consumed by all devices that are constantly running (including standby) and add the values.
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