Find the right PV system

The Catch up one offer for Solar system of most important Step, um solar power zu obtained. Next decision have at least three Offers caught up . critical not just of price, but also can Quality of Attachment parts.

With Mini Power's Partner DAA, you can with just a few clicks more than three offers from installers catch up near you!

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It's that quick and easy with the solar system portal

1. Make a non-binding inquiry. One of our employees will contact you by phone to take a closer look at your wishes.
2. We will forward your request free of charge to suitable regional specialist companies who can make you an offer for your project.
3. So you can compare and choose among the non-binding offers at your leisure - and save up to 30% by comparing the offers.

How can I find specialist companies now?

Very easily! 

Simply enter your project data in the form above. In just a few minutes you can formulate an inquiry that we can use to find the right solar installers!