Balcony power plant-600-800-HJT-1
Solar panelsHJT400w
Hoymile's HM-600
Balcony power plant double-sided HJT 800W/600W
Balcony power plant double-sided HJT 800W/600W

Balcony power plant double-sided HJT 800W/600W

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Balcony power plant double-sided HJT 800W/600W

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Munich Solar MSMDxxxM6-HJT120DSN 400W

Weight: Kg 23.5
Dimensions: 1755 x 1038 x 30 mm Protection class: IP67 / IP68

Hoymile's HM-600

Weight: Kg 3
Dimensions: 250 x 170 x 28 mm
Degree of protection: IP67 / IP68


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Balcony power plant HJT 600/800

The balcony power plant double-sided HJT set includes the following components:

  • 2x400W solar panels: You can expect solar modules in an elegant design, which, thanks to their monocrystalline cell structure, achieve considerable yields even on cloudy days and in weak light. We have two for that MSMDxxxM6-HJT120DST 400W solar panels with 22% efficiency Used - 120-cell Bifacial Transparent HJT HCC Solar Module. You can find more information about this HJT Solar here .
  • 600W microinverter: The inverter you have selected converts the solar energy obtained into alternating current for your household. The microinverter we have chosen is the highest quality Hoymile HM-600 Inverter currently available on the market.
  • Connection cable: We are not offering the connection cable for the time being.


For the commissioning of double-sided HJT balcony power plant the following must be observed:

  • Connection to the house network: After installation, you can easily connect your plug-in solar system even to an electrical outlet or the power socket previously installed by a qualified electrician connect. If the system generates less electricity than your household consumes at that moment, it simply flows electricity from the public grid.
  • Registration of your system: You should simply declare your balcony power plant before you can use it

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