Tigo Optimizer TS4-AO 700W power optimizer
Tigo Optimizer TS4-AO 700W power optimizer
Tigo Optimizer TS4-AO 700W power optimizer
Tigo Optimizer TS4-AO 700W power optimizer
Tigo Optimizer TS4-AO 700W Capable

Tigo Optimizer Tigo TS4-AO 700W Solar Optimizer

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Tigo Optimizer Tigo TS4-AO power optimizer

Weight: Kg 0,52
Dimensions: 139 x 140 x 23mm
Protection class: IP68


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Tigo Optimizer Tigo TS4-AO 700W Solar Optimizer

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Tigo optimizer description

Tigo Optimizer - Tigo TS4-AO ( Tigo Optimizer ) is an advanced add-on optimization solution that provides standard PV modules with intelligent module functions for improved reliability. Improve energy efficiency with Tigo optimizer by upgrading underperforming PV systems or adding smart features to new systems.

The Tigo TS4-AO Add-on supports PV modules up to 700W. 

Tigo optimizer TS4-AO has been tested on thousands of different inverter models from over 50 inverter brands such as Growatt Tigo Optimizer, Kostal, SMA, Fronius etc. installed. Get industry-leading optimization, monitoring and fast shutdown solutions with the inverter of your choice, anywhere in the world.

Note: Tigo Optimizer is not compatible with the Huawei inverter. If you are using Huawei device, you need the Huawei Optimizer buy for it.

Function of Tigo Optimizer Tigo TS4-AO

-- optimization
-- Surveillance
-- fast shutdown

Advantages of Tigo Optimizer Tigo TS4 AO

-- Suitable for solar modules up to 700 W
-- a stronger one Tigo optimizer with Predictive IV technology (PIV)
-- The only selective deployment optimizer
-- Includes security and surveillance benefits - Tigo module optimizer
-- Meets US NEC requirements for fast shutdown
Optimized ready to use
-- Maximize lifetime yield with color and aging resistance
-- Works wirelessly with TAP and CCA
-- 25 year guarantee for Optimizer Tigo

Boost power production with shaded and unmatched panels up to 700W Tigo Optimizer Tigo TS4-AO 700W !

Mini Power (New Power GmbH) is an official distributor of manufacturer Tigo Energy in Europe and is committed to the original products of the Tigo optimizer from manufacturer Tigo Energy for sale. 

Tigo Optimizer Tigo AS4-AO video

Tigo optimizer specification


Dimension (W*D*H):
Protection class:
Weight including cable:

140 130 x x 23mm
0% - 100% RH

input power:
MPPT operation:
Max. input current:


Max.Output Current:
Output bypass:
cable length:

radio link


Product (inverter):

Growatt, Goodwe, Kostal, SMA, Solax, Fronius, SAJ, Sofar Solar, Storz, Sungrow, Wolong, ABB

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Tigo Question & Answer

What does a Tigo power optimizer do?

The Tigo power optimizer measures module current, voltage and temperature. The data is sent to the central processing unit, the Maximizer Management Unit (MMU). Calculate the optimal operating point for each module to get the maximum solar power from the entire string.

Do Tigo performance optimizers make sense?

The Photovoltaic Power Optimizer can increase the yield of shade photovoltaic systems by up to 25%. 

It also makes sense to use them if you don't have regular shadows. In this case, the performance improvement is 3-5%.

What inverters is Tigo Optimizer Tigo's compatible with?

The Tigo Energy Tigo Optimizer is compatible with almost any inverter, including standalone inverters. B. Sunny Island or Zantrex GT.

click here for more information.

I use a Huawei inverter, should I use a Tigo power optimizer?


We recommend that you use the Huawei Optimizer via the Link to acquire.

Can I use a Tigo optimizer Tigo's on just one string or just one module?

If you are using an integrated or retrofit TS4-R version of a TS4-L or TS4-O, this may be possible depending on site conditions. Click here for more information on the targeted use of optimizations. 

When optimizing energy harvesting with the retrofit optimizer for Tigo ES and 2ES series or first generation smart modules (JES series), one maximizer must be used for all modules connected to the same inverter string. The system is so cost effective that you can get an excellent return on investment with the maximizer built into each module.

What is the weighted CEC efficiency of the Tigo optimizer?

CEC is the California Energy Commission and weights efficiency at different power levels based on the percentage of time the unit has been operating at that power level. This method is commonly used to evaluate the efficiency of inverters. 

According to this calculation method, the weighted efficiency is Tigo optimizer Tigo's 99,6%.

Does your system produce little energy? Maybe it's the time of year.

Have you also noticed that your plants are not producing as much energy as they used to? Maybe a few months ago they were doing much better than they are today. This may be due to the change of seasons.

The first figure (Image 1) shows a screenshot of a specific plant on day 14. February 2012, 11:00 am The second figure (Figure 2) shows a screenshot of the exact same facility at the same time on June 27, 2012. Why is the facility in the second figure producing so much energy at the same time?

In fact, there were some trees next to the plant. In winter, when the sun is low in the sky, the lower right module remains in the shade for a long time (in this case, until after 11:XNUMX a.m.). In the summer, the sun is high in the sky, so there is little shade in the system.

The third image (Figure 3) shows a screenshot of the same facility on October 29, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. when the sun was low again. As you can see, energy production is also declining here. So if you feel like your facility is producing less energy, check to see if there are any specific trends throughout the year. Maybe it's just the changing of the seasons.
Tigo Shadow Management A1
Image 1: In February
Tigo Shadow Management A2
Image 2: In June
Tigo Shadow Management A3
Image 3: In October

Is a temperature difference between modules a mismatch?

Yes, the temperature difference between the modules constitutes a mismatch. 

If the PV module temperature is high, Tigo does not have to intervene. There is no need to lower the voltage in the optimizer as the voltage will naturally drop. 

At colder temperatures, Tigo only converts the voltage to keep it below the voltage limit (Vlimit) when absolutely necessary.

How does impedance matching work on Tigo Optimizer?

Impedance matching is an optimization approach that places simple sensors and power controllers on modules. It is the slimmest of all module-based electronic solutions, as the maximum power point is calculated using a patented software algorithm. Optimal performance is achieved by regulating the current flow according to the correct "virtual" impedance of each module.

Can I use the Tigo Power Optimizer 3.0 app to configure a previously configured CCA?

A Discovery Run can only be performed once for a CCA. If the number of gateways, CCAs and modules remains the same, the discovery does not need to be repeated. 

If CCA is being used at a new site or the number of CCAs, gateways or solar panels in an existing system has changed, please contact Tigo Support to reset the CCA.
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Great, very good service 👍

Great, very good service 👍

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Tigo TS4-A-0 works great, quick assembly

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