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Tigo cca kit and Tigo tap kit complete 2
Tigo cca kit and Tigo tap kit complete 3
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Tigo cca kit and Tigo tap kit complete 6

Tigo CCA Kit (Cloud Connect Advanced) + Tigo TAP Kit Gateway + power supply

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Tigo CCA Cloud Connect Advanced

Weight: Kg 0,13
Dimensions: 31 x 115.5 x 71.5mm
Protection class: IP67

Tigo TAP Access Point

Weight: Kg 0,1 
Protection class: IP68

Tigo power supplies

Weight: Kg 1,1
Dimensions: 203 x 115 x 278,4 mm
Protection class: IP68


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Tigo CCA Kit (Cloud Connect Advanced) + Tigo TAP Kit Gateway + power supply

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Tigo CCA and TAP Kit Description

Tigo CCA Cloud Connect Advanced Set incl. Tigo TAP Tigo Access Point Gateway and Power supply DIN rail power supply.

Tigo Cloud Connect AdvancedTigo CCA kit ) is one of the smallest solar data loggers in the world and provides valuable insight into module-level performance data. It's a hub for them Tigo Optimizer and also allows customers to connect inverters, batteries, building meters and more. Current and historical data from Tigo CCA kit can on the TigoEnergy Intelligence platform can be viewed.  Tigo CCA is available as a retrofit kit or integrated with an inverter. 

Function of Tigo CCA kit 

-- Universal data logger, which works with TAP, TS4-AO, TS4-AS, TS4-AM

Advantages of Tigo CCA kit 

-- In combination with Tigo TAP enables the intelligence platform of TigoEnergy monitoring at the module level
-- Provides installers with instant access to system data
-- Tigo CCA kit Allows internet connectivity via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or optionally a cellular connection.


Tigo TAP Access points improve data management in solar power systems through seamless communication with Tigo Smart modules and retrofit devices.  Tigo TAP kit Significantly increases the security level when deactivating at module level. In combination with Cloud Connect Advanced ( Tigo CCA ) offers Tigo TAP an unprecedented insight into your solar power system.

Function of Tigo TAP kit

-- access point, coupled to the CCA, for use with TS4-AO, TS4-AS and TS4-AM

Advantages of Tigo TAP kit 

-- Direct wireless communication with TS4 devices. Simple, tool-free installation on the module frame
-- Get started quickly with the Tigo SMART app on your mobile device
Works with Cloud Connect Advanced ( Tigo CCA ) to enable wireless monitoring at the module level.


Mini Power (New Power GmbH) is an official distributor of manufacturer Tigo Energy in Europe and is committed to the original products of the Tigo CCA and TAP Kit from manufacturer Tigo Energy for sale. 

Tigo CCA Kit and Tigo TAP Kit Installation Video

Tigo CCA and TAP Kit specification


Operating temperatur:
Input voltage:
Dimension (W*D*H):
Protection class:

-20-85 ° C
10 – 25VDC
31 x 115,5 x 71,5 mm

Operating temperatur:
Input voltage: 
Dimension (W*D*H): 
Protection class: 

-20-70 ° C
100 – 240VDC
203 x 115 x 278,4 mm

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Tigo CCA & TAP Question & Answer

What inverters is Tigo Optimizer Tigo's compatible with?

The Tigo Energy Tigo Optimizer is compatible with almost any inverter, including standalone inverters. B. Sunny Island or Zantrex GT.

click here for more information.

Can I optimize my TS4-AO system without TAP, CCA, or an internet connection?

Yes. This is called blind deployment. Blind deployment is any arrangement of TS4 MLPE units used WITHOUT monitoring enabled (i.e. no communication via CCA or TAP)

What are the advantages of linking your Tigo Optimizer with the Tigo CCA and Tigo TAP Kit.

When you use the Tigo CCA and Tigo TAP Kit, we call this a full deployment. 

Full Deployment is defined as TS4-AO (Optimizers) installed on each solar panel and can be monitored via CCA (Cloud Connect Advanced) and TAP (Tigo Access Point): 

This deployment method is highly recommended because it is very efficient: 

--Powerful optimization 
--Quick shutdown 
--Clear data reporting and monitoring 
--Remote system update 
--Full warranty coverage

Can I use App 3.0 to configure a Tigo CCA that has been previously configured?

The Discovery Run can only be done once on a CCA. If the number of gateways, CCA's and modules remains unchanged, the discovery does not need to be repeated. If a CCA is used in a new location or if the number of CCAs, gateways, or solar panels in an existing system is changed, contact Tigo Support to reset the CCA.

Can I run my TAP communication cable in DC cable duct?

The communication and control circuits of the Tigo Energy Optimizer and Smart Module System are Class 3 power limited control circuits and are subject to the following articles of the NEC standard: 

NEC Atikel 800, communication systems 
Article 725, Class 1, 2 and 3 circuits
Article 727, ITC type cable 

NEC Articles 725.41 and 725.43 allow communication lines to pass through the same conduit as power lines as long as it is a continuous system. This is a Class 1 power limited control circuit. You can route the TAP/Gateway cable through the same conduit as the strand wires as long as the TAP/Gateway cable has the same insulation rating AND overcurrent protection (fuses or breakers) on the control unit (CCA, Cloud Connect or MMU) is intended to protect the circuits from errors. The most commonly used cable type that meets these requirements is the so-called “Instrumentation Tray Cable” (ITC, control technology cable for flatbed installation). Make sure the nominal outside diameter is less than 7,87 mm (31 inches). Tigo recommends this method of RS-485 wiring for cable runs less than 45 feet.
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Tigo CCA kit

fast delivery, good price, good service

Jan Tauscher
Tigo CCA kit

Fast delivery! Installation is easy with the app. Excellent!

Georgi Georgiev

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