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Complete solar system

Complete solar system at mini power

Here you will find a large selection of grid-connected Complete solar system leading manufacturers, combined as a package. All systems are optimally coordinated. The amortization period of a photovoltaic system not only depends on the correct planning of the individual components, irradiation and roof orientation, but also on the quality of the solar modules, inverters and the mounting system.

That's why we only offer high quality products!

Buy at a reasonable price in our online shop ✅ individual and tailor-made Complete solar systemn as a kit.

The cost of a photovoltaic system has fallen sharply thanks to the solar complete set.

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Complete PV system with storage - perfect for small and large roofs


Complete PV system with storage have different sizes and capacities. A particularly efficient model is the "Huawei inverter 8KW + Huawei Luna 2000-5-S0 set". It requires an area of ​​35 to 40 square meters and comes from one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality photovoltaic systems.

The performance is at the Complete PV system with storagesystems are given in kWp, so that a classification is made possible. The package " is suitable for the small flat roofHuawei inverter 10KW + Huawei Luna 2000-10-S0 set". The space required in this case is around 96 square meters. Complete systems usually contain a number of modules dependent on the output, an inverter, mounting systems, cable systems, plugs and sockets.

quality Complete PV system with storage The systems are characterized not only by their performance but also by the quality of the workmanship and by their resilience. They are designed to be weatherproof, hailproof and shatterproof and thus enable a long service life. The weight of the modules is kept as low as possible and is in the range of less than 20 kilograms. By installing a complete system, you benefit from the tested quality and the coordinated components. 

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