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Hoymiles DTU-WLite-S WLAN for HMS series with certificate

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Hoymiles DTU-WLite-S data transmission and control unit

Dimensions (W×H×D): 143 × 33 × 12,5 mm 
Weight: approx. 100 g


We will send you the certificate as soon as we receive your correct power adjustment setting and screenshot.


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Hoymiles DTU-WLite-S WLAN for HMS series with certificate

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Hoymiles DTU-Wlite-S Gateway Description

The homiles DTU-WLite-S Gateway is a data transmission unit that collects information and data from the microinverter and transmits it via 2,4G wireless communication WiFi technology to the Hoymiles monitoring system Hoymiles S-Miles Cloud sends. homiles DTU-WLite-S is with the HMS series from homiles compatible.

With the Hoymiles DTU-Wlite-S It is possible to power your system with the Hoymiles HMS microinverter limited to a specific performance
and throttle (600W or 800W) and to meet the requirements of the current German and Austrian network ordinance. We present you the relevant certificate available for the limited balcony area so that you can register.

With the help of Hoymiles DTU-WLite-S you can easily read the module-level data and alarms, remote operation and maintenance of the micro-swap system anytime, anywhere via the Hoymiles S-Miles Cloud realize and save.

The monitoring ability is on 4 Module limited. This makes the system ideal for small PV systems. A notice: Hoymiles DTU-WLite-S is connected to a household socket via a 5 V USB power supply unit. A power supply is not included. Works with almost any USB power source capable of delivering at least 1A of current.


-- Module level monitoring with up to 4 solar modules
-- Easy installation with plug and play
-- Remote maintenance of the system Hoymiles S-Miles Cloud
-- Direct connection (USB port)
-- Real-time data and alarms from microinverters in the Hoymiles S Miles Toolkit
-- LED display

S-Miles account creation

The creation of the Hoymiles S Miles Accounts can be made directly by the end user. The instructions from Hoymiles are in the download area of ​​this article. 

We have one too installer account, if you cannot set up your account correctly yourself, please contact our customer service ecommerce@miniminipower.comto set up your account.

How to set power control for Hoymiles DTU-Wlite on S-Miles Cloud

Hoymiles DTU-Wlite-S specification


Dimension (W*D*H):
distance (free space):

143 33 × × 12.5mm

Internet connection:
Power consumption:
Monitoring capacity:

Wi-Fi (802.11b / g / n)
Type. 1,0W / Max 5.0W
4 PV modules
USB port

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Hoymiles DTU-WLite-S Question & Answer

What is included in the scope of delivery of this Hoymiles DTU-WLite-S product?


1x Hoymiles DTU-Wlite-S control unit
1x MiniPower certificate for power control

How long is the product warranty for DTU Hoymiles?

Hoymile DTU-Wlite-S has a three-year product warranty.

can my microinverters work without DTU Hoymiles?

DTU stands for Data Transfer Unit and is a data acquisition and transmission medium. Microinverters can operate without a DTU, but they cannot obtain module-level power generation data from PV arrays or perform online array diagnostics and maintenance. In other words, you won't be able to take full advantage of the module-level capabilities that microinverters are primarily designed for. 

In addition, the Hoymiles DTU-Wlite-S is more than just a small device. This gives you free lifetime access to the Hoymiles S-Miles cloud monitoring platform. This means you always have all operating data at hand. View real-time, module-level data from your PV array, remotely diagnose problems, and maintain your system with minimal cost.

Can a DTU Hoymiles work and collect data without the internet?

Yes. Our Hoymiles DTUs have different models for different communication modes such as WiFi, Ethernet and 4G. 

You can choose the 4G version if you have limited internet access. You can also check the system on the S-Miles Cloud platform by simply inserting a 4G card like a mobile phone.

How does the DTU Hoymiles communicate with the microinverters and the monitoring platform?

Our DTU collects data from microinverters using two communication methods: 2,4G and Sub-1G. DTUs are connected to the Internet via WiFi, Ethernet and 4G.

Is the DTU Hoymiles communication signal stable?

Yes, DTU Hoymiles are known for their reliable communication. To ensure stable data transfer, just make sure your home has a stable internet connection.

What distance between DTU Hoymiles and microinverters?

In an open area, the maximum distance between the DTU Hoymiles and the PV array is 150m, but in a real environment obstacles (especially concrete and metal) can significantly degrade the signal. In this case, we recommend using extended antennas so that the DTU signal is strong enough for data transmission.

Why is my DTU Hoymiles showing as offline?

If your DTU Hoymiles is not connected to the Hoymiles S-Miles Cloud, you can check three things. 

1. First, make sure you have entered the WiFi password correctly in your DTU Hoymiles. 
2. Next, check if your WiFi network is working. 
3. And finally, the signal strength may be too weak. In this case, contact the installer.

Why isn't my monitoring working?

If your system is no longer reporting data, S-Miles Cloud can help you find the cause. After logging in, check if your system is listed as "offline". 

If so, check if your DTU is connected to the internet (indicated by a blinking green LED). If the DTU appears to be online but still cannot connect to the S-Miles Cloud, check that you have entered the correct serial number. 

If these steps don't help, speak to your local installer or contact us for further assistance.

Can I transfer an investment to another installer's Hoymiles S-Miles Cloud account?

Yes - contact us at service@hoymiles.com for more help.
Didn't find an answer to your question? Send us a message here!

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Has been working fine for 3 days. However, despite the many instructions on the internet, the installation is not easy, even though I did everything correctly. But sometime after 2 days I got the connection.


Everything is fine, uncomplicated and quick. Thanks

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Am thrilled.

Fast delivery, works great, great range.

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We recommend!

Everything perfect! Fast response to emails and helpful employees, there's nothing to complain about.

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Good value for money

Delivery was OK! Will not install the product until next year