What is a PV power optimizer? - Why solar optimizers get more out of a PV system

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A changing energy market - Solar Optimizer briefly explained

The energy crisis is in full swing. A feverish search is being made for solutions. Electricity costs are exploding. It is advised to save electricity. But this means major restrictions in private life. It doesn't have to be. Simply produce your own electricity. Many people rely on solar energy through a PV system on their home roof. The feverish search for solutions to these problems got the solar market rolling. Vendors like Huawei and Tigo have PV power optimizer (like Solar Optimizer) developed to optimize the performance of your PV system. But what exactly is a PV power optimizer and what does he do?


What is a PV power optimizer?

PV power optimizer

As the name suggests, a helps Solar Optimizer your system to greater efficiency. It does this by being able to independently determine whether a solar module equipped with it can produce less electricity due to the effect of shade. As simple as it sounds at first, this ingenious one is revolutionary shadow management.

Power optimizer PV are small devices that can be connected to individual solar collectors. They are sort of interposed between the "series-connected" collectors and, in principle, ensure an unhindered flow of energy. All this completely automatically, even if individual solar modules are shaded. Before Power optimizer PV -Making facility usage easier and more efficient, it was not possible to do anything about performance degradation caused by wandering shadows. Also, they have another great ability. You can determine fully automatically whether a module is getting too warm and then switch it off. The rest of the plant is not disturbed in production. This can prevent complete breakdowns and major repairs.

Novel problem solving brings up to 25% more yield

Permanent shading from buildings or vegetation can be avoided with thorough planning. However, seasonal or daily shading of solar systems due to changing positions of the sun posed a major problem. While it was still possible to connect the affected modules separately to the inverter in the case of seasonal shading and thus remove them from the series connection, this was previously not possible with shading due to the time of day. By using the very inexpensive Solar Optimizer you can now counteract drops in performance and unhealthy heating of the collectors due to energy accumulation. Solar systems equipped in this way deliver up to 25% more energy on average Huawei optimizer experiences demonstrate. The protection against overheating increases the service life of the system considerably. All of these factors contribute to a  PV power optimizer quickly paid off.


Huawei supplements its solar optimizer with the Huawei Optimizer app


Pv Power Optimizer - Huawei


With the extra developed Huawei optimizer app the system owner has the option of extensive monitoring of his system. All solar collectors with a Huawei Optimizer Sun2000-450wP2 equipped, continuously send reliable data. You can check with your smartphone from anywhere in the world whether the performance optimizers are doing their job. Errors can be found and fixed much faster.


PV power optimizer - small size, small price, big benefit

Solar Optimizer

In order to get the best benefit, it is important to put a power optimizer on EVERY (!) module that is hit by shadows. The unbeatable low price for one Huawei Optimizer  gets even cheaper the more Solar Optimizer you need. They are offered in different set sizes.

The Huawei Optimizer Sun2000-450wP2 weighs only 550 grams. 75mm × 140mm × 28mm represents up to a 25% increase in performance. 1,20 m cable makes the connection possible flexibly. You can buy Huawei Optimizer - 450W Optimizer directly from Mini Power. 

The Tigo Optimizer Tigo ts4-ao is slightly larger at 138,4mm x 139,7mm x 22,9mm. Both are comparable in performance, eh Tigo Optimizer experienceen as well Huawei optimizer experienceshow A little helper that tickles the best out of your solar system!

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